Civil Law matters are different from criminal law matters. Civil law deals with matters which are not criminal matters. This process is known as litigation. The civil litigation process begins after one party files a claim against another party. The matter/claim then takes place in a civil court.

Civil litigation proceedings can be very lengthy and costly. We cover a wide range of matters, but what is most important is that your matter is valued and treated as unique. Our team of attorneys pride themselves not only on the excellent service they provide but also on their care for each case. We are dedicated to making your civil matter as stress-free and short as possible, allowing you to resume your life without the constant worry of a never-ending case.

Some of the civil law (litigation) services we offer include:

  • Contracts (breaching of contracts, seeking specific performance etc.)
  • Property (ownership, leasing etc.)
  • Divorce Cases (disputes, child custody etc.)
  • Delictual Claims (compensation for injuries e.g., dog bites etc.)

Our legal team is waiting to treat your matter with the care and attention it deserves. For more information contact us on 012 753 3054 or and for more services click here

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