Commercial Law deals with all transactions between consumers and businesses, between consumers as well as between businesses. It covers the legal rights, duties and conduct between all parties involved in these transactions.

Our competent team of attorneys is always ready to attend to your commercial law matters, no matter how small. We go over each detail involved, to ensure you get the best outcome possible. From Contract Law disputes to the Consumer Protection Act, our processes protect your interests, giving you peace of mind. With our law firm, rest assured that your matter is valued, attended to and given the diligence it deserves. We save our clients from drawn-out timelines and unnecessary mountains of paperwork which add no value to the case.

Some of the commercial law services we offer include:

  • Contract Law (disputes, claims and enforcing/voiding contracts)
  • Copyright Law (intellectual property)
  • Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008
  • Companies Act 71 of 2008
  • Mercantile/Corporate Law

For world-class services where you are a valued client and not just another case, contact us on 012 753 3054 or and for more services click here

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