Property Law addresses the use, control and possession of property by individuals and entities. The property falls into two categories: Immovable and movable property.

Immovable Property

Immovable property is mainly known as real estate such as residential property, manufacturing units and factories, land etc. Immovable property is a property you cannot easily “move”.

Movable Property

Movable property is referred to as tangible property which is not affixed to earth or other immovable property. Examples are vehicles, furniture in the house, kitchen appliances etc. Movable property is property which you can move physically.

Property law covers a wide scope of items which is why having your matter handled by experts is beneficial to you. At Mphahlele & Masipa Attorneys, we pride ourselves in serving clients like you with the best service possible, without sacrificing efficiency or the client experience.

Property Law can involve very lengthy timelines, to avoid this we involve all our clients throughout the whole process so you will always stay updated with your matter at all times.

Some of the expert property law services we offer include:

  • Lease agreements
  • Conveyancer services
  • Evictions (tenants, hijacked buildings etc.)

Let our team of experienced attorneys help you navigate your matter, without the unnecessarily long timelines or the stress of not knowing your matter is being valued. Contact us on 012 753 3054 or and for more services click here

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